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Bug of the week

Bug 17905 - Resizing LiveCode Builder widgets can get into a mode where the width and height seem to be unclear

This bug is about non-smooth resizing of widgets that can result in distorted rendering when they hit some particular (but not the same between launches) values of (width, height). It’s our bug of the week because:

  1. Initially the user provided a video of the bug, since he could not find a concrete recipe and the core dev team couldn’t reproduce it
  2. The video was enough to confirm the bug – but the reporter didn’t give up!
  3. He created an amazing-yet-simple stack, that automatically resizes the widget over a set of all possible values of width and height, and logs the “bad” combinations.

Thanks to his persistence, the bug is now reproducible and that will make it much easier to find and fix the problem.

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