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Updates from the LiveCode open source community

The LiveCode Conference 2016 is in Edinburgh this week – and if you’re not there in person, don’t forget that you can follow along on the live stream.

Interesting discussions

We’re unable to use the GMane mailing list archive for the discussion links this week. The sole maintainer of GMane is suffering from burnout and has taken the web frontend offline for the foreseeable future.

Updates in the LiveCode open source project

21 pull requests were merged since the last issue.

New LiveCode releases

Notable changes

Bug of the week

Bug 18068 - HTML encoding of high-numbered Unicode characters with two codeunits

This e-mail is about an html encoding problem with the field, where the htmlText of a field that contains codepoints that aren’t in the Basic Multilingual Plane get encoded with two HTML entities rather than one.

This is the bug of the week this week because it has an amazing sample stack that clearly demonstrates the problem, and because the report contains lots of hints, observations and comparisons that clearly indicate where the problem lies.

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