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Updates from the LiveCode open source community

News & blog posts

  • Max Vessi reports that the LiveCode Wiki has reached 300 pages
  • Digital Pomegranate have released livecode-piwik, a wrapper library for the Piwik analytics platform’s API.

Interesting discussions

Updates in the LiveCode open source project

33 pull requests were merged since the last issue.

Notable changes

@montegoulding was on fire this week, and added lots of cool new toys!

Bug of the week

Bug 18129 - matchChunk returns wrong offset after high Unicode codepoints

This bug is regards the matchChunk() function, which searches for a regular expression in a target string and returns the range of characters that matched. LiveCode was returning the wrong range of characters when used with a string containing Unicode Supplementary Multilingual Plane characters.

This is the bug of the week because its reporter provided both a very helpful stack illustrating the problem and a detailed recipe. This allowed the bug to be fixed within days.

Help needed!

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