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Updates in the LiveCode open source project

27 pull requests were merged since the last issue.

Notable changes

  • @asayd continued his fine form with yet more docs changes!
  • @jameshale came to the party with can-do spirit by fixing his own bug report to improve the look of the PDF user guide.
  • @livecodeali added his documentation editing helper stack which is available from here
  • @montegoulding implemented a semantic versioning library in LiveCode Script which allows a version number to be tested against a version range. For example, The range 1.2.7 || >=1.2.9 <2.0.0 would match the versions 1.2.7, 1.2.9, and 1.4.6, but not the versions 1.2.8 or 2.0.0. The library is available here

Bug of the week

Bug 18272 - Converting a password protected stack to script only doesn’t save correctly

This bug is where after correctly removing a password from a password protected stack and then setting the scriptOnly of the stack to true the script still continues to be saved encrypted.

This is the bug of the week because its reporter provided a very helpful stack along with a reproducible recipe.

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