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Updates in the LiveCode open source project

23 pull requests were merged since the last issue.

Notable changes

  • @livecodefraser made a change to the linux engine so it will tell users what required libraries are missing if it fails to load
  • @PaulMcLernan added docs for the currentCard of <stack>
  • The team has been working on build tools and fixes for iOS 10 and Xcode 8 along with some of the core components of the Infinite LiveCode project.

Bug of the week

Bug 18343 - itemOffset returns 0 when wholeMatches is true

This bug occurs only under certain conditions and is the bug of the week because the report made it easy for livecodepanos to determine those conditions.

To reproduce the bug the following conditions must be met:

  • the wholeMatches must be true
  • the string to search and the item searched for must not be unicode
  • the item found must be the second item in the list where the first is an empty item

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