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26 pull requests were merged since the last issue.

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Bug of the week

Bug 19646 - Using mobile camera kills lockIdleTimer

The reporter attached a very helpful sample stack, and provided a detailed recipe that helped us to test and confirm the problem quickly.

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Other LiveCode News

This section brings you other interesting news from across the LiveCode universe over the last week. This section may include non OSS projects.

  • tinyDictionary 0_8_1_0: TinyDictionary is a small footprint dictionary for LiveCode (version 8.1 and up), developed by Bernd Niggemann.
  • PowerTools 2.0: PowerTools is a drop-in plugin replacement for the IDE’s built-in tools palette, developed by Mark Wieder.
  • New tsNet version: Expected in LiveCode 8.1.4 RC2


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